Frequently Asked Questions

NEW ISSUE: I am unable to navigate through the contribution module in TechWorks. What gives?
The Office of Information Technology has diagnosed some compatibility issues concerning web browsers. The Office recommends using:
• Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 10 or 11);
• Mozilla Firefox (version 47 or earlier); or
• Apple Safari (version 8 or later).
If the user continues to experience problems, then support requests should be directed to the user's departmental Computer Support Representative (CSR)

In the past I could give past the stated deadline, may I do it this year? 

Because reports have to be filed and system updates made prior to the end of the year, we must stop accepting donations via TechWorks on Oct. 31, 2018.

How do I find out who my ambassador is? 
Please see the list of Ambassadors on this website listed under Additional Resources.

What do I do if I cannot find my charity or it is no longer on the list?
Only charities that have completed the paperwork for inclusion on the state’s list of charitable organizations are listed. Your charity may resubmit the paperwork necessary to be reinstated. Questions regarding this process may be sent to Please note that some charities are listed under a federation of charities. Click here to search for participating charities. If you cannot find a particular nonprofit, you may either contact the charity directly and ask if they are members of a federation, or you can email and the campaign team will try to find it.

If I always give to an organization on the list, can Georgia Tech get the credit?
Georgia Tech cannot get the credit for donations made directly to charitable organizations. Please consider making your donation through Georgia Tech’s Charitable Campaign. If you have already made your donation to your charity of choice for the year, please consider making an additional small donation through the Georgia Tech Charitable Campaign.

What do I do if I want to donate to Georgia Tech or my school?
This type of donation cannot be made through the Charitable Campaign. It is made through Roll Call, the annual fund manged by the Georgia Tech Alumni Association. However, we hope that next year Georgia Tech Foundation will be on the list.

What if I want to change my charity of choice? 
TechWorks offers the option to delete the prior year’s charity and add a new charity. You may choose from the list of organizations listed in TechWorks.

What if I want to donate more (or less) than I did last year?
Use TechWorks to delete your current donation and make a new entry. This can be done until the Campaign deadline date.

What if I didn’t get a confirmation from the organization last year?
Please send your name and the name of the charity to which you donated to, and we will contact the agency.

What do I do if I didn’t get a confirmation from TechWorks?
Please make sure that you hit the “submit” button after making your contribution.

Are donations pre-tax?
Donations are not pre-tax; however, they are tax-deductible.

Does Georgia Tech match my donation?
Georgia Tech does not currently have a matching program.

Can I donate nonmonetary items? 
Nonmonetary items are reviewed for acceptance on a case-by-case basis. Please send an email to with specifics.

How can I give to a specific initiative?
Although specific initiatives cannot be targeted through the Charitable Campaign, various organizations exist to provide disaster relief in these circumstances. Some of these organizations are American Red Cross, AmeriCares, and The Salvation Army.

How can I find out more about the charities? 
Please visit the specific organization’s website for more information.

My charity did not receive my donation, what should I do? 
Please send a message to with your name and charity. We will investigate and get back to you.

I donated last year. Can my donation just carry over to this year?
Donations do not carry over to the next year. Please enter your new contribution in TechWorks, and be sure to hit “submit.”

I am an employee working outside of GA, what county do I select? 
Georgia Tech employees working and/or living outside of Georgia are encouraged to contribute through the Charitable Campaign. These employees should select Fulton County as the county of residence and select one of the charities listed.

How can I give to a nonGeorgia organization?
Georgia Tech's Campaign is part of the State (Georgia) Charitable Contributions Programs, so most of the listed organizations are located in Georgia. Many of them are affiliates of national organizations, such as the American Red Cross. There also are categories of organizations (Federations) called "Independent Charities of America" and "America's Charities" that includes Catholic Relief Services, Greenpeace Fund, Shriners Hospital for Children, and many other non-Georgia organizations. The full list can be found here

How do pledges through payroll deduction appear on my paycheck? 
Charitable contributions are listed on the paycheck as “United Way” and on the W-2 as “Chrty.”

If I’m an academic contract faculty member, how frequently will payroll deductions be taken out of my check? 
Academic contract faculty members will have payroll deductions taken out 10 times during the year, not 12.  There is no deduction in June or July.

I accidentally hit submit multiple times and my credit/debit card was charged more than once, what do I do?
Please contact immediately, and we will fix it. Please be assured that we look at all charges to ensure the charge matches the pledge. If it does not, we contact the donor.